GMC - Still Going Strong 1967 GMC Pickup Truck - 3/4 Ton Stepside

1967 GMC V-6 Engine

Miles of Dependable Service

1967 GMC 351 V6 Engine

351 Cubic Inch Displacement

1967 GMC V6
- Engine Performance

V engines for right now power, long-distance savings!

When you put a big GMC V-6 under your hood,you put real truck power under your command. Well over a half million GMC V-6's have already taken to the road to establish them as the toughest, most poerful powerplants in the business. Their durability is beyond question. They often do twice the work of comparable engines before a major repair is needed. And best of all, these true truck engines cost less than you think.

1967 GMC 2500
- Engine Compartment

In the V-6 engines, GMC developed a family of powerplants that work at low engine speeds to save wear on moving parts. Their short-stroke, over-square design holds friction to a minimum while unusually high-volume cooling and lubrication systems make sure they stay cool and smooth, mile after mile.

Above is an excellent example of this powerful engine in a 1967 GMC pick up truck.

1967 GMC 2500
- Engine ID Location

GMC'S V-6's work at saving you money on every mile, too. They thrive on regular-grade gasoline! In the 305E, with 170 horsepower, there's more than ample action for most light-tonnage haulers.

If high performance is your style, the 351E with 220 horsepower, shown above in a 1967 GMC Custom Stepside Pickup truck, may be your choice.


The all-new line of GMC light tonnage trucks...

Convenience and Safety

The following items are standard equipment on GMC's 1967 Light-Tonnage models: Instrument panel - padded edge, glare-reducing paint on crown, textured instrument background, flat knobs, safety-pull ashtray and safety latch glove box door; front seat shoulder belt anchors; padded sun visor; four-way hazard warning flasher; dual master cylinder brake system; windshield washer; dual speed windshield wipers with glare-reducing arms and blades; thick laminate windshield; left and right outside mirrors, shatter resistant breakaway inside day-night mirror; backup lights; seat belts; energy absorbing steering column; passenger-guard door locks; front seat back lock; corrosion resistant brake lines; soft, low profile window control knobs; and safety door latches and hinges.

Still Going Strong...

After 50 years, this GMC stepside truck is still the work-horse that it was designed to be.

Built, Sold and Serviced By Truck People!

GMC's striking new 1967 truck models are fashioned with the family in mind, but when they pull up to a piece of work, GMC muscles take over. These new models are closer to the ground for smart appearance, closer to the family car in comfort. Smooth, athletic lines hint of the stamina that's built in. Under the skin these GMC's are all truck!

Even the handsome styling works for you. On the go, air flowing over the sculpture hood carries road splash and dust away from the windows.

Dual headlights keep you in-the-know at night. When you lift the hood, it's an easy reach to anything that may need service.

Inside the new cab, GMC caters to your comfort with extra room and a wide selection of interior trim options.

There is a business-like Deluxe, the stylish 1967 GMC Custom and the luxurious Super Custom. New GMC toughness shows in features such as one-piece fender splash shields. They surround the wheels to protect the under-side of fenders from corrosion and flying stones.