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Paid inclusion simply guarantees your site will be indexed by the search engine. It does not guarantee any specific rank position. Your site ranking still depends on that particular search engine's algorithims. Paid search inclusion is not available in all search engines.

As a search engine optimization specialist, I am able to determine if paid inclusion is the best option for you. Paying for inclusion means your site is regularly updated in a search engine.

Having the most current listing in the most popular search engine allows users to make smart choices when choosing what site they are going to visit. Inclusion can be used to test titles and descriptions to see which achieve a better click throughs rate. Seo specialist also use paid inclusion to tweak their HTML code to achieve a better rankings within the search engine's algorithm.

Paid Inclusion allows you to pay for fast and up-to-date indexing of your Web pages in search engine databases. Although top rankings are not guaranteed for specific keywords, Paid Inclusion generates large volumes of targeted traffic by exposing the breadth & depth of your Web site content across multiple engines and directories.

webRight can monitoring the your search engine campaigns and make changes to improve your search engine ranking.


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webRight uses paid search inclusion as a tool to get better a
ranking in a specific search engine.

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