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What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?
In short, SEO is the way you modify a web page to improve its ranking in Search Engines.

Why do I want a high ranking in Search Engines?
Search engine positioning opens new markets for you. Search is the fastest growing form of advertising in the world. The more people can get visiting your site to buy your product or service, the more profitable you are. Your competition is doing everything they can to be ranked the highest in each of the search engines. It is very competitive market.

Can I do the Search Engine Optimization myself?
Absolutely! There is lots of material in print and on the web.
It is time consuming work and you may find it more cost effective to let professionals do what they are best at and get you those high search engine rankings.

What is the SEO process?
Review current traffic, rankings and the design characteristics of the website. Determine what results are needed. Plan a course of action. Implement structured plan. Review results. Modify optimization factors to get closer to desired goals. Repeat!

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Complete Search Engine Management Package


  • Initial analysis of existing site including server stability, link checks, existing tags and content
  • One to two hours of consultation to understand your business products, services, marketing channels and that of your competitors
  • Develop and prioritize your keywords and keyword phrases
  • Write your title description and meta tags for up to 10 pages
  • Body Text - have your keywords placed correctly
  • Confirm - test your revised text for search engine "friendliness"
  • Express register your site using a secondary index to get your site on MSN, HotBot, About and others
  • Manually custom register your site on 40 top search engines (custom variations of tags to suit individual search engines)
  • Bulk register your site on 300+ Search Engines (bulk registration is not effective alone for the most popular search engines, which is why we use three registration methodologies)
  • Provide advice on "best value" bidding for keywords - we can also bid on over 50 search engines
  • Monitor the search engines and make recommendations and adjustments for three months


$2,450.00 US

Can you afford not to optimize your web site?


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webRight is a small business specializing in best-practice solutions for competitive
rankings in search engines to produce effective conversions rates.

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