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Search Engine Marketing is HOT and continues to grow. It is the new form of marketing and often difficult to find the needed resources to enter this advertising channel. It is essential for your company's survival to have a solid Internet presence.

It's really not that hard to get started with Search Marketing.

Search Engine Marketing is also known as:

SEM point website marketing

SEM point internet marketing

SEM point website promotion

Search Engine Marketing can
help create a solid foundation on
which a business can build.

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Included under the umbrella of Search Engine Marketing is:
Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click and Paid Inclusion.

Search Engine Optimization is the process in which the website is adjusted to do well in organic listing in various search engines. It is also known as SEO. Part of the SEO process is to develop a set of keywords or key phrases that best describe the product or service related to your business goals.

Optimization makes the web pages easier for the search engines to find and rank according to content and other specific factors as determined by each of the search engines.

Good marketers know how to focus specific techniques on each web page so that page is "optimized" not only for the search engine but for the user doing the search, who is their target audience. So webRight's job is to generate traffic and positioning for your website.

Pay Per Click ads are text ads in the search engines that appear in color boxes or set off from organic search engine results either at the top or the side of the search engines results page. They are often referred to as "sponsored links". The cost of maintaining an ad can cost from pennies per click to well over $15.00, depending on the competition. When a user clicks on your ad, the search engine charges you, the advertiser. This is a specific amount that was set up and agreed upon by you within their control panel.

There is a great deal of flexibility in how, where and when you ads run and the amount you will be charged. Let's say you have a $300 spend budget for the month. It can be evenly spent over the month with a $10 spend per day. Or it can be spend on demand, that is to say if your popular ad is driving traffic to your site on the first day your budget could be used up very quickly. If this is done properly your traffic is quality traffic and a strong percentage of that traffic meets the business goals that were predetermined before the PPC campaign started.

Management of your PPC campaign is critical to its success or failure. Analytics tracking user behavior and conversions allow for fine tuning of the campaign.

Keyword word research is also critical. You want the users who are searching for what you're offering.

Paid Inclusion, as the name implies. It is an advertising program where web pages are guaranteed to be included in a search engine or directory. There is no guarantee of having a good ranking. There is just the inclusion.

This is just a very brief outline of an industry that is becoming more mainstream everyday: Search Engine Marketing.


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Let webRight work with your
marketing team in Louisville, Kentucky or worldwide to
take full advantage of Search Engine Marketing.

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